Awesome! You're a Helio Enterprise customer and you want to add some team members so you can collaborate on projects and share observations.  How can you do that? Here are some screen shots to help:

Select "Team" in the top navigation, then  "Invite Teammates"

Enter the user information and role then click "Save & Invite!"

Voila! Once your team member accepts the invitation, they will be added to the account

Click the gear icon on the right to select "Change Role"

You can determine what role each team member has from your team page. 

  • Members can create tests and projects, invite teammates, and spend answers.

  • Admins can create tests and projects, manage teammates, and spend answers.

  • The owner can do all the above as well as delete the account or choose another owner.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you've got any additional questions!

The Helio Team

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