Did you know Helio was born out of our own client work? We knew that user feedback was critical in our creative decisions, so we developed Helio to create confidence in our work, every step of the way. Despite having 20+ years of experience as a company, we still go through challenges as we interact with users and customers alike. Here’s some of the biggest struggles we have, even today:

  • Maintaining the discipline to keep getting feedback at every step

  • Phrasing questions the best way possible

  • Presenting data in the most relatable way possible to our team

  • Making data actionable

  • Knowing when to use free-response questions vs. choice suggestions

  • Communicating with the team and aligning on what feedback is important

We find that relating concepts and ideas to users is really tricky, especially in a remote setting. Which ones of these pain points do you relate to the most? Or do you experience something different?

Here's the results from our Poll!

Go win your day,
The Helio Team

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