As we continue to find the best ways to test usability in our designs, we realized that the best way to predict user behavior and promote a positive experience is to focus on micro-interactions. Breaking down behaviors into smaller interactions within an experience tells us a lot about where we can pivot a design. It also makes our data far more actionable when we look at specific interactions in isolation and because we test constantly, we can see in real time how these changes affect the outcome of a user’s experience.

Finding signals on where to improve our designs can be tough, and once you get accustomed to identifying these micro-moments, it becomes easier and easier to formulate hunches on what can be changed.

Here’s some examples: If only 60% of users find the CTA we want them to click. Experiment with colors and animations to improve CTA click success.

If only 50% of users see filter options on the page, try different visual patterns to indicate where the filters are.

Let’s explore the data reports from last weeks test!

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Christian & The Helio Team

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