When was the last time you had a direct conversation with a customer? If you haven’t had a conversation with them this week, you’re falling very short of amazing outcomes in your work. It’s a common problem we see these days: so many people think it’s enough to get some small amount of information from their users and apply that “feedback” to a decision in their projects or business. That’s not enough.

Gathering feedback at the beginning of a project seems like the right thing to do, but data becomes stale months later when you finally start implementing. Many changes occur within project scope -- rendering the data irrelevant. This is a huge challenge for a lot of companies, as spending a ton of money up front for irrelevant feedback is a massive burden on effectiveness and overall success.

The fact is, conversations and feedback need to be on-demand and Helio gives us the power to make that happen. Don’t let archaic methods of gathering feedback limit your success, ask questions every step of the way!

Our survey this week asks you how quickly your tastes can change, jump in and leave a quick note!

Go Crush your Day,
The Helio Team

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