To make the right product for the right people, we need to dive into the minds of our target audience. Too often we work from assumptions of what our target audience wants and needs, or use personas that have existed within the company for ages. Demographics don’t give us any useful data, as everyone reacts differently -- to everything. We should be talking to people based on what they do, not who we imagine them to be.

As we discussed in our last broadcast, it’s critical to engage your customers in the development of your product. They can help you avoid costly mistakes by more acutely aligning their needs and behaviors to your product roadmap. 

The typical approaches of engaging with customers via 1-on-1 interviews, recorded experiences, and pages of written feedback can be time consuming to comb through. Not to mention that having 1-on-1 conversations with every customer is impossible, and fruitless as everyone isn’t your target market. This is where Helio can help.

Helio helps you craft audiences representative of your actual customer base. Moving beyond demographic targeting, we at Helio have focused our efforts on behavioral segmentation, allowing us to build audiences that closely reflect the attributes of our ideal consumers. This brings more flexibility to our segmenting, more accuracy to our data, and therefore, more confidence in the insights we can surface!

Check the data we gathered here:

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