Lately we’ve been highlighting the power of testing micro-interactions. Today, we’re reflecting on the benefits of testing a more holistic experience through clickable prototypes. Prototype testing has been a staple in the design realm for a while, however many teams don’t have an idea of what they’re testing for besides checking another box off their product development list.

Through our own prototype testing methods, we’ve found that gathering feedback is most effective when you have a measure of intent towards what you want to test. Getting general feedback around an interactive flow has the potential to be useful, though the true value is in testing whether a user can complete a complex action by setting a pass/fail on getting to a specific point in the flow.

We want Helio to support all your prototype testing needs, so to elevate our platform further, we’d love to hear how you create and deliver prototypes with your team.

Please check out the results to see how others work with prototypes:

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