We’ve got powerful new audio & video testing in Helio, now we’re bringing customized value to people in the world of video advertising! We’ve seen there’s a need to gather feedback for video campaigns and our hunch is simple: we need to be proactive about what we’re putting out into the world!

Many companies take the extremely expensive route of throwing out a flurry of videos at once, then just promote the most well received ad. However, this causes a lot of headaches when you have to pivot your direction after spending countless resources creating the content. Therefore, before the building process even begins, the smart tactic is to gather feedback from a live audience on the concepts we believe to be most engaging.

As we begin creating, we should gauge our audience’s receptiveness to each ad in order to make confident decisions about our direction before releasing content into the wild.

One valuable way to do this is to gather feedback on past advertisements to drive future campaigns around the same subject. We can see what worked in the past, how user’s feelings have changed in the present, and what direction we can move in for the future!

Check the data on the video feedback we found here: Don’t Botch Your Ad Campaign, Gather Feedback First!

Go win your day,
The Helio Team

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