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This week we’re talking about our roadblocks to get started with usability testing! As you may have heard us say before, usability testing can make you the hero of your team by saving time, resources, and improving the relationship between your team and your customers.

To become that hero, the hardest thing to do is get started, especially if talking to customers isn’t already a part of your process. Many teams put the brakes on usability testing with a variety of excuses, and we have seen these excuses prevent companies from achieving exceptional outcomes time and time again.

Here are the top excuses we’ve found that hold teams back:

  • We don’t have budget”. We get it, adding a new tool can be a challenge and sometimes the people who ensure we’re spending wisely sit on the team credit card like a dragon guards their pile of gold. Let’s be real, if you don’t have the budget to talk to your customers, who are you in business for in the first place? Our Open Audience link eliminates this barrier by allowing you to have conversations with your customers where they already are.

  • Our team doesn’t have the expertise to do usability testing.” Often whole teams are dedicated to huge research projects that span months at a time, so finding the space for a single person to do some usability testing may seem intimidating. The truth is, we can all handle the power of gathering feedback by simplifying the process of the feedback loop. We’ve learned to not isolate ourselves, and have as many people be part of the feedback process as possible on a day-to-day basis.

  • I don’t have the time to spend 3 months on a research project.” Time, there seems to never be enough of it. The research project becomes your conversations with customers so you can free up a couple of hours to focus on the work instead of access to resources.

  • How am I supposed to talk to my customers every day?” You can never go wrong with talking to your customers. If you can talk to one a day, we guarantee you’ll learn something valuable. We’ve made it easy to gain access to thousands of people who would be your ideal customers. Or you can do what we used to do and show up at local coffee shops and parks, or hope that you don’t get ghosted by the people you found on Craigslist (we’re still waiting on Eric from 3 years ago!).

These are roadblocks that teams create for each other every day, so we want to dive into how we’ve identified these problems for ourselves and the resolutions we’ve found to work in our own office.

Go crush your week,
Morgan & The Helio Team

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