Time. So much of what we do revolves around it, and how much or how little we have of it to make an impact. We were SO excited to see how many of you engage with your customers! The good news is you have their ear, but are we using the time we have to our advantage? 

A common misconception is that we need a ton of time to make an impact. What we’ve come to learn is that teams waste a ton of time on tasks that don’t create value and we need to rethink our priorities. 

Here’s some of the big time sucks that don’t create value and what you could do instead. 

  • Arguments with Developers. Your developers aren’t jerks (most of the time) they’re protective of their time. Lengthy debates happen when we can’t convince them that the change we want is worth their time. Helio is super helpful in making those discussions valuable by backing your request up with data. Heck, with the time you save you could take your developer out for a drink! 

  • Meetings. MEETINGS!!! Have you ever had a meeting go over talking points for ANOTHER meeting? We can do better. Most meetings can be avoided by building confidence with your team. You do this by sharing what you’ve learned from talking to customers and how you’ve made decisions based on those conversations. You may not dodge every meeting that Carol schedules, but hopefully they’ll be a lot shorter and ultimately more productive.   

  • Not understanding the cost of your time. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of product design. Since we’re working backwards from releases and launches, we dive into work  and do so quickly. At a typical company, hundreds of hours go into research. To help make your time more productive, and learn from where folks spend the most time, check out some of our secret sauce!

Time is stressful because it is very precious. We want to help create the most value for both you and your customer’s time. To do this we need to understand how we can make the most of it when we have it. Are we standing in our own way by not knowing how? 

Go win your week,
Morgan & The Helio Team

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