You have so much access to your customers, you just need to talk to them! We’re pumped to see that so many of us survey our customers to get feedback, we just need to have more intent behind those questions!

Usability tests and email surveys are a quick and painless way to get customer feedback, though they shouldn’t be pushed to the back burner because they are so simple. The simplicity of rapid remote surveying removes friction from your work so that you can invest your time into asking great questions and starting conversations.

This is how you can elevate your customer survey game:

  • Time your delivery. Sometimes the early bird doesn’t get the worm, just a lot of crickets and silence. If you’re sending to a customer list, be aware of when they will be most active on their devices so you can gather feedback even faster. We segment our customer lists in Helio so we can target groups by these different behaviors!

  • Don’t be afraid to ask the wrong questions. The benefit of asking “bad” questions is that you always get to ask more! If you feel like your survey wasn’t asking the right questions, you can use what you learned to have even better conversations next time. Basically, asking “bad” questions can be good!

  • Start with a hunch. It’s all about being curious! Having a hunch before asking your questions means you’re bringing curiosity into the situation, which helps start and drive great conversations with your audience!

We can’t be passive about the way we gather feedback, or else the information we collect quickly loses its purpose. Put the same effort into an email survey as you would a moderated test or stakeholder interview, and you’ll start seeing great value and insights pouring in from your customers!

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Go win your day,
Morgan & The Helio Team

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