Good-Day! We’re super excited for this week’s broadcast because we’re switching things up with some new visuals! Our goal every week is to share some tips, tricks and insights we’ve learned about how to build a greater experience for your customers.

We’re diving into messaging comprehension this week and how we can go from beautifully constructed, concise copy to powerful CTA’s that your users are eager to click. In the image above, we’ve broken down how well an audience of Constant Travelers understand the messaging in this travel agency site. 

Here’s how we go from apprehension in our copy, to ensuring comprehension:

  • Understand your customer’s perspective. Even if you think you’re the greatest writer in the world, it doesn’t matter if your customers don’t think so. Put a marketing message in front of your customers, ask them to describe what it means, and start to identify the gaps in understanding.

  • Identify their expectations with this page. Customers may be confused about the meaning of the messaging, or what the messaging wants them to do. To test the labels of your calls to action, ask your customers what they expect to happen once they take action on a specific part of the page.

  • Compare with quantitative feedback. You’ll also want a numerical breakdown of comprehension for the data-heads on your team. Ask customers to indicate their understanding of a message on a 5 point scale, and then compare that with the accuracy of their previous free response explanations. Even if they think they got it, customers may not have the understanding you want!

Once we know how your users are understanding your messaging, you’ll also want to find out if they even like your messaging. Next week we’ll discuss getting emotional feedback on your copy, so let us know if you already have tactics on how to do this!

Go win your day,
Morgan & The Helio Team

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