Good-day! How do we influence people to do a thing? That’s conversion, and it’s the way companies make money and get big wins! Let’s explore how to identify friction points in your conversion flows. 

Here’s how you can make more 💰:

  • Keep your feedback loops small. Start by getting in-depth feedback on individual screens. Getting more information on the microinteractions within individual pages helps you improve every tiny aspect of the user experience. Check out our Broadcast on testing microinteractions to learn more!

  • Find where people get lost. Using click tests, we can uncover the first actions a customer will take on your conversion page once they have made a selection. Maybe there’s a drop off during the comparison of products/services?

  • Understand how people feel about conversion. Fewer conversions could mean your customers aren’t emotionally invested in the experience. As we learned in last week’s Broadcast, you can get emotional feedback on microinteractions by asking your customers how they feel.

It’s good to know where this friction is being caused, however many companies simply make these assumptions based on their Google Analytics data. Whichever the case, once we know where drop off is happening, it’s time to dive into why it’s occurring.

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Go win your day,
Morgan & The Helio Team

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