Good-day! We’re really excited to continue the conversation about conversion. Getting our users and customers to convert can feel frustrating. The good news is, with a shift in thinking (and a few quick tests) we can find out just what your customers need!

Here’s how Helio is the 🔮 to your conversion flows:

  • Discover expectations first. To understand what a user will do on a page you must understand the expectations they have first. Do they have other plans in mind when you want them to be converting? Quickly ask 100 people to surface patterns that show exactly what they expect, so we can leave the mind reading to the professionals.

  • Let users explain their perspective. Once you’ve established expectations, it’s useful to hear the users explanation of where and why they would take action on the page. Your conversion troubles may not even be about price. Let your users paint you a clearer picture and your future is sure to be bright. 

  • Loop it back in with how the user feels. Get emotional feedback from your customers to clarify how they perceive your conversion page. Your customers emotions can be compared with their expectations to identify any disconnect between their perception and reality. That way, you’ll know who your secret admirers really are! 

Now that we know where and why your customers are getting stuck in your conversion flows, you can start building a better future. It’s important to get quantitative and qualitative feedback on every new iteration and build a stronger relationship with your customers throughout the design process.

Next, it’s on to making sure your proposed changes are in line with your business values. Take our survey to let us know how you align your brand and your product.

Go win your day,
Morgan & The Helio Team

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