Good-Day! Let’s keep improving your designs to make some magic happen on the conversion side. You’re right in the thick of it now, actively designing and iterating based on what you’ve learned in the first couple rounds of testing. It’s time to make sure the work you’ve done so far makes sense in the larger world of your business.

Here’s how to keep your brand in mind when you design:

  • What are your brand values? Every brand has core values that can be defined in 4 to 5 words. Once you’ve identified those individual terms (ie. simple, interesting, inviting), you can start to identify where user’s experiences are aligning with your brand values.

  • What goes against your brand values? You can’t just test based on what you want to see, and it’s often more important to surface negative feedback since it can point to specific areas of improvement. Just like your 5 core brand values, identify the exact opposite of each of those terms to test against. Now that you’ve got all your brand values figured out, send a survey asking your customers to explain which of those impressions they have about your new designs or concepts.

  • Compare Contrast. Now it’s time to dive into the qualitative and quantitative feedback. Helio lets you evaluate what impressions customers have with your new designs, and look into their written responses to understand where those feelings are coming from. The most important part here is seeing where you have spikes in negative impressions, and understanding how your customers are explaining those feelings.

Your new designs may be eliciting all the impressions that you want from customers, while also surfacing negative feelings that you didn’t even know you need to avoid. Test each new design to ensure they’re aligned with your brand, and start finding how you can elevate the customer’s experience.

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