You and your team has invested a lot in creating an amazing experience for your customers and users. You’ve tested along the way, the copy tells a cohesive story, your screens are pixel perfect, and your animations are delightful. You’re confident, you’re pumped! Your next round of tests will make sure all the pieces fit together and elevates the experience you’ve created.

Here’s how we’ve elevated our conversion flow testing, and you can too:

  • Establish understanding. Once we’re ready to begin testing a complete flow, we run a quick test to understand the customers expectations. Showing screens and asking what's next helps us quickly get to answers. Here’s an example of a go-to question we ask to gauge understanding.

  • Directive prototyping. When we need more information we dig deeper. We do this by giving specific directives when showing a screen or area of the flow. If folks get lost we quickly know where we need to make adjustments. Check out our survey below to see an example of how we give specific directives that surfaces these pain points.

  • Final Thoughts. After taking our customers through a flow, we want to know their overall feelings. We do this with a sentiment gauge and by directly asking about their willingness to sign-up,checkout, opt-in or not. Here’s what these wrap-up questions look like in a test.

Testing your whole flow is the cherry on top to any experience. By combining different testing techniques you make connections between how someone reacts to individual screens and how customers feel about the whole flow.

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