We’re excited to start a new series on something seemingly simple, but incredibly important: how to craft the best questions for your surveys and tests. User research has moved far beyond simple A/B testing, focus groups, and moderated user tests. There are so many impactful ways to gather feedback from customers and drive your projects forward. The first thing you should focus on is the type of question you should be asking your customers.

Here are the broad question types that we use the most:

  • Giving directives. Click Tests and Free Response questions are great ways to understand how a customer will take action on your platform. We often use Free Responses to understand how the customer is perceiving an action, then give them the specific click directive to see where they might be getting lost. (We will discuss Free Response questions in greater depth next week)

  • Understanding experiences. Likert and Numerical Scales are two great survey questions to gain understanding of behaviors and perspectives. By understanding a users behavior within certain contexts, we begin to identify areas of misalignment between our perception of an experience and our user’s.

  • Gathering reactions. A/B Tests and Multiple Choice questions ask a user to react to multiple options. Getting a sense of their decision making with some multiple choice questions first, and then run your A/B test on a preference question to get a more binary output.

We will be exploring these specific questions in greater depth in coming weeks:

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