Part two (see part one here) of our series on asking better questions is a core fundamental. Learning your customer’s perspective, with the help of Free Response questions.

Here’s how we use Free Response questions to inform the decisions we make:

  • Open up the problem. You can’t solve a problem without understanding what it is first. Ask your customers to briefly describe how they understand the goal of your platform and where they find themselves getting stuck. This will help fill in the gaps between what you know and what your customers believe. Check out our survey at the bottom to see how we would ask these questions.

  • Evaluate expectations. Discovering what your customers expect is key to understanding how they will behave. Do your customers know what they’re supposed to be doing on your platform? If you’re not sure, just ask them! Here’s how to get started.

  • Bring data into the equation. Reviewing responses is a goldmine of information. If you need to focus on a single idea, get a data breakdown of the most common terms used in your customers responses. To give you this data view, Helio lets you filter by common words used in your customers written responses. Yes, there is a quantitative way to look at qualitative data!

Free response questions are a great way to start understanding the situation from your customers’ perspective. They also give you great context for when you’re evaluating the actions a customer actually does take.

Take our survey below to see how we go about asking free response questions.

P.S. In part 3 of this series next week, we’ll be discussing how to get the most out of your click testing!

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