Good Day! We need to turn our eye towards one of the most well-known usability testing methods: Click Tests. We often need to know how our users are going to take action on a page, so evaluating their clicks is crucial to understanding how your designs are perceived.

Here’s how to optimize your click testing:

  • Provide a detailed scenario. Put your users in the right mindset to get the most relevant feedback. Provide a simple yet detailed narrative of the situation the customer should be in, and then give your directive at the end. This should lead the customer through a scenario and then directly into the action that you want to evaluate.

  • Track time spent. The time it takes for a user to complete an action can vary greatly depending on the task. Understanding how quickly your users make decisions uncovers the gaps in their understanding, and allows you to compare the usability between two different variations. Helio is set up to ask a question first, then follow up with the directive. That way you are getting an accurate read on how quickly users can make decisions. Quick decision making is crucial to an intuitive platform!

  • Give directives, not questions. Questions have a tendency to make people ponder, and to change their inclinations based on what they rationalize for themselves. When running click tests, you’ll want to learn how people behave when given a directive to take action, rather than making them think about those actions.

Most companies can find analytics about where their customers are clicking, however there are deeper interactions that you can dive into. Set up your click tests up to give you the quantitative and qualitative information that you need to identify the pain points in your platform.

Check out our survey below to see how we set up our Click Tests!

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