We’re excited to show you how to understand your customers better by asking the right types of questions with a Likert Scale! Likert Scales offer a great way to get quantitative data to interpret specific kinds of customer feedback that will aid your future decisions.

Likert Scales can be used a lot of different ways. Here’s a few that we find super useful:

  • Discover a user’s perception. Find out what your customers aren’t volunteering to tell you by focusing your questions to a specific topic. Likert Scales help when you need to evaluate how your customers think about specific things that exist today, such as a current web experience, the frequency at which they perform a specific action, or their perceived quality of a product. Helio offers many likert scale focuses including Importance, Quality, and Frequency scales just to name a few.

  • Establish benchmark scores. To get yourself a baseline score for how your product is doing, test your current experience by asking several likert questions about the pages they already use. Our “Helio Gravity Score” allows you to establish a usability score with the structured Likert questions, without spending hours on moderated user walkthroughs. (Reach out to us to learn more about our Helio Gravity Score!)

  • Evaluate an entire experience. Many teams use System Usability Scores to evaluate a new experience by asking a series of Likert Scale questions. Similar to our Helio Gravity Score, it allows you to take an app or website experience and learn how people feel about it overall. We like to use Likerts to understand difficulty or importance of specific features as well, within a broader experience.

When asked in the right context, survey questions can provide all sorts of valuable information for you to base your product decisions on. Likerts are great because you can evaluate a whole experience while also getting the hard hitting quantitative data that builds confidence with your team.

Check out our survey below to see how we set up our Likert Scales!

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