We’re tipping the scales, not from the extra candy that’s begun showing up but with DATA! Numerical Scales allow you to get great quantitative feedback for those on your team who are more… by the numbers.

Here’s how to get feedback from your numerical scales that’ll have your team on cloud nine:

  • Find the major key! The first thing to do when asking a numerical scale question is ensuring your participants know exactly how they are scoring an experience. They’ll definitely need to know what metric is being tested, whether it be Difficulty, Interest, or Usefulness, as well as which side of the scale represent the ends of the spectrum.

  • Establish a Net Promoter Score. A popular use of 0 to 10 numerical scales is through an NPS test. This tells you how likely a consumer is to recommend your product or service to a friend. Helio provides the specific Net Promoter Score on all our numerical scales so you don’t have to do the math yourself!

  • Mix match for greater value. Single survey questions can be useful, though they’re not all that powerful on their own. Compare your numerical scale feedback with other survey data to understand the difference between what someone says and what they do. For instance, we might bring someone through an experience using click tests to understand where they would take action, and then follow up with a numerical scale to determine how interested they were in certain features.

Using numerical scales isn’t all 6’s and 7’s, they’re a fantastic way to get quick feedback from your users! They’re super useful for gathering quantitative feedback, and become even more powerful when you use Helio followup questions to get coinciding qualitative data. The next time you need some quantitative feedback, fast, give Numeric Scales a go!

Check out our survey below to see how we set up our Numerical Scales!

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