We all have assumptions of who our “ideal customer” is and what they will like. With the best intentions we put our “customer” hat on and put ourselves in their shoes. We do this because of time, because we think we know best, or because that’s what the stakeholder said. You know what they say about making assumptions. Turn it into a hunch and run a Preference test!

Here’s how to get the most out of your Preference Tests :

  • Provide a detailed scenario. No matter the type of asset you’re gathering feedback for, how you introduce the context and meaning of the asset will drastically affect the responses you gather. Paint a vivid picture of the situation in which your customer would see each variation, and provide that context throughout your line of questioning to keep them in the right mindset.

  • Move beyond pure preference. Don’t put your customers in a position where they are designing the experience. Their aesthetic preference is not always useful to make a decision from. Instead of asking your audience which design they like better, provide a specific scenario: “Which of these variations makes you more confident to use this platform?”

  • Now that you have the “what”, find the “why?”. People love to talk about themselves and why they feel certain ways, lean into that! Helio gives you the power to branch questions in a survey and take users down a different path of questions depending on their preference choice. This lets you evaluate all the sentiment that each variation produces so that you have more information to determine why you should choose one design over another.

Preference tests are easy to set up and they do a lot of heavy lifting. They are the best way we’ve found to ask for what you want and allow you to quickly gain perspective from your customers.

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