Good Day! We’re super excited to roll up the construction tape, let the dust settle, and bring you one of our biggest changes to Helio yet! We want to dive a little deeper into the biggest features in this release, and our refreshed focus on getting you what you need: Answers!

Here’s the three areas we’ve focused on to make testing easier for your team:

  • More Options in the Create Flow. All of your audience selection options are now presented up front and while you are creating a test. User feedback is the most important aspect of building better products, and we want to make sure we’re thinking about who we need to reach out to first!

  • 3 Simple Buckets for Pro Users. We now offer pre-packaged test options that give you the ability to send quick surveys as needed. Send out a test to your own panelists with an open link, gather feedback from a random sample of our panelist community, or target the specific demographics that you need to hear from.

  • Take it to a New Level with Enterprise. Enterprise is the place to be! This is where you’ll find all of our advanced features, such as Branching Logic, Advanced Audiences, and testing of Audio and Video Assets. We’ll work with you to determine your scope of testing each quarter so you know you aren’t shelling out cash for anything you don’t need! Feel free to reach out.

We’re so excited about these big changes and we couldn’t have done it without the feedback you’ve given us along the way! We hope you like what you see and that our new Answers system gives you all the options you need to start gathering the answers to your project needs!

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