Now that we’ve swept up all the confetti from last weeks’ ribbon cutting ceremony, we want to get into why we’ve made the transition to an Answer based system. We’ve seen a lot of value in our own consulting projects by using an answer-based mindset and approach. We want you to be able to take advantage of Answers in the same way that we do!

Here’s how Answers can make you a project hero:

  • Establish a customer-first mindset. This is how it should be, with the customer always at the forefront of your thoughts! Your customers are the key to finding your answers. So stop guessing at how your customers or users will act and ask them directly. Even before you’ve put anything on paper, you can get quick answers from your customers about their likely behaviors and preferences, which will help you set up the first iterations of your designs.

  • Make your problems simpler. Most project slow-downs can be solved by identifying a question you have and connecting to a group of people who can provide you with the answer. By focusing on specific questions you need answered rather than the project’s end goals, you can survey your audience to find those quick answers instead of spending weeks going back forth about what your team should solve for.

  • Move past the “old way” of research. It’s all too common that research is seen as a drawn out process that aims to find all the answers in one fell swoop. It’s slow, costly and doesn’t allow testing of the questions that pop up along the way. Instead of front loading your research, get the answers you need as questions come up, and find critical signals through thousands of answers over the course of your projects.

We’re not reinventing the wheel here, we’re just giving you the power to produce even more value in the projects that you’re already working on. Some teams get stuck when they realize they need to do research, so the whole point of Answers is to develop a conversation with your customers that allows you to continually find resolutions to your questions!

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