As we continue to view customer feedback in terms of what answers we need to get to a better place, we start recognizing patterns in how many answers it takes to produce certain outcomes. This week, weโ€™ll discuss how many answers it takes to get to one of the most popular project team deliverables: Personas!

Spoiler Alert: The magic number - a minimum of 3,000 answers! Hereโ€™s the breakdown:

  • At least 5 surveys to evaluate your audienceโ€™s behaviors. In these surveys youโ€™ll mostly be using free response, multiple choice, and numerical scale questions to start understanding how your audience may behave in certain situations. It helps to focus your questions on finding out the needs, challenges, desires, opinions, and habits of your audience within these 5 surveys.

  • 100 responses per survey is the sweet spot. Iterative testing takes us away from a โ€œNorth starโ€ approach and helps us see a bigger world. Each test should inform the next and low sample sizes help us iterate very quickly and effectively.

  • Identify the different facets of your personas. By using each question you have on a survey as an attribute of your personas, you can quickly find the trends of how groups of like-minded people think about the world. Now you can start connecting the dots to identify what other ideas that group has in common and start building a basic frame of your personas!

We often see this strategy produce up to 5 or 6 unique persona identities, each supported by their own data set and qualitative input gathered directly from your audience.

Now that youโ€™ve identified several personas, youโ€™ll want to understand how they will behave in specific situations that apply to your product. Enter Action Mapping, and the ability to understand your audienceโ€™s actions based on a variety of options that you put in front of them. Weโ€™ll have the answers breakdown in Broadcast No. 61!

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