Good Day! Now that you know the truth, you’re starting to understand how your customers act and feel in certain scenarios. It’s time to evaluate how they’re going to interact with your proposed designs. Hook into one of our most impactful frameworks to date: the Interaction Matrix!

The magic number - at least 2,500 answers! Here’s the breakdown:

  • Land on a core area. We typically evaluate 5 core areas of a site and all the interactions a customer can take on each page. This should be a part of your designs in which you’re unsure how your customers will interact. You may want to know where they go when they first enter the page, or evaluate their comprehension of the actions they’re meant to take.

  • Define those interactions. On most pages, there’s a variety of actions that a customer can perform. The most critical action that you want your customer to perform on a page is the Primary Call-to-Action (or, Primary CTA), and other actions will fall under the labels of Secondary and Tertiary CTAs. We usually find that each page carries at least 4 actions, and we’ll also evaluate what customers will do when they have no specific directive on the page, for a grand total of 5 survey questions for each core area tested.

  • Determine success based on hundreds of responses. We recommend each of the surveys for the core areas be sent to at least 100 respondents to get a wide range of perspectives and maintain your statistical significance. You’ll ideally want 5 core areas tested across 100 participants with 5 directives each, which will require at least 2,500 answers! If you’re curious about what defines a success for primary, secondary, and tertiary CTAs, reach out to ask about our Interaction Matrix Key!

Once you’ve already connected emotionally and behaviourally with your audience, this is the first step in the process to ensure your new designs are well understood. These interaction tests can provide feedback about how well your customers can navigate through your designs as well as what level of comprehension they are showing!

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