We’re super excited for all the big things to come in 2020, we hope you are too! We’ve learned a lot last year and are eager to grow and share our methods along the way. Our major focus is to make surveying easier for you so we can all create better products with confidence. We have some thoughts on how to do this and we’d love your feedback!

Here’s what’s to come in 2020:

  • More free-form scenarios. Sometimes, the best way to get feedback on your platform is just to put it in someone’s hand and let them use it. However, we need to focus on what we are evaluating rather than just getting surface level feedback from our customers. As we bring more interactive testing options into Helio, we want to discuss what measures of success we’re evaluating and how we can get the most impactful feedback out of your prototypes!

  • Streamline your workflow. As user surveying becomes more valuable to the design world, we’ll need to change the way our teams operate to understand where our research can make more impact. We want to be able to track where our ideas came from, how they transformed, and how the feedback from our customers helped drive these ideas. In Helio this year, we’ll be ramping up on an effort to bring stronger teamwork and communication to your user research.

  • Improved automated analysis. Once you’ve gathered feedback from your customers, the most important decision is how you put your new insights into action. We’re working on more effective ways to evaluate research results, and then to bring these results to your team and stakeholders. We can’t make impact with user research without a powerful way to share your insights with the team members that need to see them most!

We’re excited to have you on this journey with us. As we continue to push Helio in new directions, it’s most important to hear from you about what you need to elevate your own user research. No piece of feedback is too small and we’d love to hear from you, any time!

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