As we look further into this year, we want to encourage collaborative surveying over the course of a project, and connecting ideas from start to finish. Our expansion of Workflow will introduce a variety of new features in Helio that help your team work together and surface more insights from your user surveying.

Take a look under the hood and see how Workflow can take your feedback loops to the next level:

  • Find Signals. We see the work and data related to running a survey as a collection of signals. If we look at those signals like we do with stars, we can find patterns emerge within them - much like constellations! With Helio, we want to give you the power to recognize patterns and understand how they influence the work in all of your projects.

  • Collaborate Effectively. We encourage you to get your team invested by collaborating within Helio on the questions you need answered in your projects. Not only will your survey quality improve, but your whole team will be aligned on what feedback you need in order to create even more powerful experiences.

  • Rapid Iteration. A large part of Workflow is to encourage iterative testing throughout all of your projects. Iterative testing provides an opportunity to improve upon your questions, your analysis, and your skills when surveying. If you’re continually gathering new information, you can take what you’ve learned each week and drive new designs and ideas forward, which in turn should also be tested out.

We aspire to change people’s view of user research as a simple checkmark on a list of to-do’s, by giving you tools that empower collaboration between your team. Our Workflow expansion will bring several new features to Helio that help your entire team build off of what you learn within each new phase of your projects.

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