The hits just keep on coming, and we aren't done yet! We have one more big feature that will be in the works this year: Helio Stories! Helio Stories will connect all your work from prototypes and workflow and make them easily shareable and presentable to your team!

Here’s how data signals become a compelling Story:

  • Iterative reporting. Evaluate and build off of all the insights you’ve gathered throughout a project. Early findings become foggy as a project goes on, so we’re building a way for your most impactful insights to be easily accessible at any stage of your project.

  • Compare ideas. Amazing projects have many ideas in play before the best ones are surfaced. When working through new concepts, we’ll give you the power to quickly compare ideas in an easy-to-consume format, and save your team valuable decision-making time.

  • Easily share information. Once you’ve surfaced your awesome insights, you won’t have to stress about how to get that information in the hands of the people that matter most. Helio will provide a space for teams to collaborate, present, and share their findings. Your most valuable insights should not be left sitting in the bottom of another full inbox!

User research is gaining momentum and influence throughout design teams, and the way we share that information is evolving too. Our goal is to help teams create detailed stories of how their designs have evolved, along with the user research that is driving those iterations. We can’t wait to bring the power of Stories to your team!

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