We hope you’re all really excited about the Super Bowl this weekend! We may be a little extra excited because our home team will be playing (Go ‘9ers!). Even if you’re not into the game, we hope you have some good food and enjoy the commercials! We wanted to take a break from our party prep and dive deeper into the first of our collaborative Workflow features coming this year, Goals!

Here’s the big 3 of how Helio Goals will set your projects up for success:

  • Establish Goals with your team. Visibility and collaboration is the key here! Even if your team is remote, Helio gives you a shared space to record your goals. Your team will be able to see how designs have moved forward and what feedback you’ve collected from customers to inform how you’ll meet your goals.

  • Track Goals through iterative tests. You’ll have several iterations of an idea before you land on one that makes sense to both the business and your customers. So that details don’t get lost in the process, you’ll have the power to connect specific tests to your recorded Goals in Helio. See how your ideas evolve, and even pick up on specific parts of the experience that may have been overlooked in past iterations.

  • Here’s what it might look like for you! Conversion rates are a big time player in the design world. Many team’s goals involve improving their conversion rates, so in Helio we would start by getting specific with what that improved rate looks like: “We want to improve our landing page conversion by 10% before the New Year”. Once you start making changes to your current experience, you’ll be collecting feedback on how your changes resonate with your end user. Connect each round of feedback to your conversion goal and you’ll have a strong story to deliver to your team about how your iterative changes will help achieve your business goals!

We all have measures of success when it comes to our business goals, and now we have ways to improve that success through team collaboration and communication. Whether you’re freelancing or working as a member of a larger team, it’s always important to keep your goals in mind as your work through big changes. It’s even more important to align those goals with your stakeholders so that you’re all working towards the same purpose: improving the experience of your customers!

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