As we continue to make improvements to Helio with our new team collaboration features and integrated platforms, we want to make sure you’re able to use the new functionality to produce the most value for your team. Coming soon to Helio is our updated Observations Panel, which will help organize your thoughts and create more cohesive user research surveys.

Here’s how our updated Observations Panel will enhance your design process:

  • Collect your ideas in one place. Instead of having to connect your notes with data after the fact, or even creating a whole new document just to pair them together, keep your ideas in the context of the customer feedback that created them! When using Helio, you can ditch your old note-taking platform, connect notes to the specific data points that they refer to, and even produce links to share your notes quickly around your team, data and all!

  • Find more power for information sharing. One of the most powerful functions of Helio is the ability to connect observations directly to the relevant data, and then share those observations quickly with your team. Now, our observations and note taking will be even more dynamic by supporting the upload of visual assets, @mentioning your teammates, and linking to specific Goals.

  • Surface Hunches, Questions, and Observations together. Helio’s note types will be expanded to include Hunches Observations, which create alignment and clarity with your team. In the coming weeks, we’ll break down the power of these note types, how to use them, and when they become most useful. Stay tuned!

With our updated Observations Panel, we’re introducing our process of Hunches, Questions, and Observations into Helio, which has created clarity and alignment in the value we deliver to our clients. We want you to feel confident and empowered to make the same impact in your team!

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