We’re itching with excitement to show you our upcoming updates to Helio’s Observation Panel! Our team has been working super hard to bring our new features to life and we’re right on the verge of releasing our newest update: the power of Hunches. The best surveys begin with a Hunch: a prediction about how your product currently affects your customers and what changes will produce desired behaviors.

Let’s take a look at how Hunches will benefit your team’s workflow:

  • Start with a Hunch. We start with Hunches before running a test. To create a Hunch, start with what you already know about your customers, and develop predictions about how your design changes will affect their reactions. In Helio, you’ll be able to create Hunches in our Observation panel to direct the impact of your user research.

  • Use Hunches to direct your testing. You’re not looking to simply validate your Hunches as you move into testing. Instead, think of a Hunch as representing one side of a spectrum of behaviors, and you want to see where on the spectrum your customers will land. Your Hunch provides you the type of reaction you’re focusing on, such as usability or emotional reception, and lets you craft questions to measure the spectrum of those reactions.

  • It comes together like this! Imagine we need to evaluate if your website’s new tagline falls in line with your company’s brand values. You need your customers to tell you how they feel about the new changes, but they don’t know your brand values and how they relate to these ideas. A Hunch could bet “the new tagline will make customers feel motivated to learn more”, this gives you one end of the spectrum to measure against. Now pair that Hunch with its reverse outcome (i.e. customers feeling discouraged), mix in your other core brand values along with their opposites, and ask your customers to reflect on which of those values they feel most strongly based on the new tagline. Now you can validate or invalidate your hunch, and also have a wealth of other feedback about how customers react to your new designs! Check it out!

The great thing about Hunches is that anyone on the team can have them and test them! Most teams have predictions about what their new designs will elicit from customers, and putting those ideas into action helps direct your user research and evaluate a whole spectrum of reactions rather than just those you think will appear.

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