We’ve discussed how Hunches help you direct your research before sending surveys. Today we’ll look into the tools you’ll use as you dive into the data itself. One of Helio’s most useful features is getting a huge upgrade this year: Observations! We’re increasing the value of Observations for your team and how multiple Observations come together to create impact for your business.

Here’s what you can look forward to from Observations in Helio:

  • Observations pull your team together. In Helio, observations can be recorded in the Observations Panel, which will hold all of the the insights you gather from your testing feedback. Our observations reflect the truth of what we see in the data, and are directly linked to the data points that they are born from. We use observations to quickly share information around our team with Helio’s share links, which put the insights right next to the data for all your stakeholders to understand why you’re making certain decisions.

  • Now, Observations give you more power. Sharing observations with their supporting data points gives your insights value, and now we’re looking towards giving your insights more POWER. Coming soon in Helio, you’ll be able to add images and live links into your observations, as well as @mentioning your team members to give you even more options when sharing information with your team!

  • Use Observations to surface Design Insights. The true value of creating and sharing observations in Helio goes beyond just providing more features and functionality for you to use. Observations form Design Insights, which are broad truths about a design concept that can be applied to several different situations. By combining your observations and looking deeply into what they tell you about an audience’s behaviors, you can use those insights to make similar decisions in other parts of your designs.

Observations are the lifeblood of what we do at Helio because they are the building blocks of our most important findings: Design Insights! We’re bringing more dynamic options to your observation sharing, and want you to be able to make a great impact in your team by quickly sharing important snippets of information!

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