We were hard at work last week designing and launching a brand new marketing page on our Helio website, DesignFail, and we were challenged to do so in just 24 hours! We learned some things along the way that we wanted to share what we found incredibly important when it comes to building an audience. We used some tried and true tactics to build momentum and excitement around our page as we developed it.

Here's the tactics our Advocacy team found to be the most valuable during this challenge:

  • Put yourself out there. We had a very ambitious goal of launching in 24 hours, so waiting for feedback wasn’t going to work. We used tight feedback loops and reached out to our close circle of friends, Twitter pals, and you for feedback. The quick back and forth of sharing links, emails, DM’s and phone calls really helped us push forward.

  • Get everyone on your team talking. It wasn't enough to only speak with the people on the project team. We had our whole team invested. Anyone on your team can build relationships and gather feedback, especially those that are a little more removed from customers like design and engineering teams. We worked together to each reach out to 10 of our peers, which gives us more feedback and creates connections between our organizations.

  • Create feedback loops with your team. After many amazing conversations, screenshots, screencasts and chats we needed to broadcast what we learned back to our team. It was important for us to share the impact we created and how we can make improvements together. To do this, we set up a shared Google Doc to collect the feedback we’re gathering and broadcast the main takeaways back to the greater team.

We came away with a huge win. With all of us working together, we were able to achieve exactly what we set out to do, which is to drive forward Helio’s story. The feedback we received from you allowed us to push forward and iterate on our new marketing page. There’s more to come, so stay tuned, and if you haven’t had a chance to give us feedback on the page yet, please feel free to reach out to us!

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