As we continue to make connections and build relationships with our customers, one valuable topic keeps coming back up: Audiences! We recently took a deeper look at 16 unique audiences we have access to and pondered how we continue to grow who we have access to through Helio. Building an audience is tough, but we’ve learned a few things over the last couple of years that might help you do the same.

Here are a few of our learnings about how to successfully build and maintain an active audience:

  • Understand who you’re speaking to. We begin crafting a new audience by brainstorming our target audience’s core behaviors and responsibilities. By figuring out the specific attributes of who you’re targeting, you’ll gain a greater understanding of who you’re designing or marketing for.

  • Don’t be a gatekeeper. No one team member should hold the keys to your target audience. Everyone should be invested in capturing and engaging with customer opinion and perspective. To accomplish this, the Helio team uses unique audience slide decks and comprehensive spreadsheets to build confidence that we all know who we’re reaching out to.

  • Don’t be one-and-done. The key value in tapping into audiences with unmoderated testing is being able to connect to hundreds of consumers or professionals in a matter of hours and on a consistent, frequent basis. By engaging a large group of panelists frequently and often you maintain an active audience, but be aware you need to take them on a journey which means you can’t always be doing blind studies! Give them glimpses of what you’re doing and get them excited of what’s to come.

Ultimately, the value of gathering feedback from audiences that directly align with your end users enables you to get closer to your customers’ needs than ever before. As a bonus, the process of identifying your target audiences even helps you build better connections with your team as you find more common and shared goals to work off of.

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