Good Day! Over the past few years we’ve built some really amazing relationships with many of you. The work we do together makes us super excited to come into the office every day. Recently our Helio Advocates have been running tests with some of our closest customers to gather incredible feedback on their user flows. We wanted to share some of the highlights of what some of you are doing with Helio's comprehension, emotion, and usability feedback, that made an impact across your organizations. 

Here’s some of the value that we surfaced by working hand-in-hand with some amazing teams:

  • Map Your User’s Pathways. Oftentimes you’ll need feedback from customers well before you start putting together any designs. On consulting  projects with our clients, we’ve gotten used to getting ahead of the problem and learning about the likely actions users will take in our flows before they’ve even been created. User behaviors are always affected by the scenario they’re in, so carefully crafting user scenarios and getting feedback from hundreds of consumers on their likely actions puts us a step ahead. See the output of mapping these audience behaviors!

  • Focus on Micro-moments. We target micro-moments in our testing to ensure each small piece of a flow is exceptional before piecing them together. This gives you an opportunity to eliminate the small pain points that can pop up in user flows. We recently evaluated how consumers felt about different elements in an online banking application flow. We brought participants through several screens in the flow, asked conceptual questions about their general behaviors in other areas, and surfaced emotional and comprehension feedback throughout the entire survey. Check out the results of our micro-moment testing!

  • Imagine Your User’s Needs. Once you’ve pieced your flow together, you’ll need to know how different users navigate through it. Especially if you have different pathways users can take in this flow, it’s key to understand where certain users will gravitate. We set up 3 different scenarios for another awesome team we work with to understand where their different consumer personas would go. They needed to see how their users move through the experience and understand what their information discovery process is like. See the amazing insights we’ve been able to surface!

There’s a hundred different ways to test your user flows depending on what kind of feedback you’re looking for. These are just a few ways we created great impact for other Helio customers, like you! We’d love to be a resource for you, if you need an Advocate, we can help you too!

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