With so many big changes in how people are interacting these days, it’s important to quickly understand what your customers are doing and how you can help. Staying mentally and physically active during social isolation can be tough, so we tapped into our audience of tech professionals in the United States to understand how others in our field are keeping themselves going.

If you’re working from home right now, or even just trying to pass the time indoors, we’ve heard some cool ideas you might want to try! Here’s how we learned about people’s behaviors during social isolation:

  • Segment the audience. In addition to targeting these tech professionals based on roles and behaviors, we segmented our audience within the test to learn more about their differences. By sorting our audience into Urban, Rural, and Suburban segments, we can compare behaviors and preferences across groups.

  • Understand different behaviors. So what are we all doing to stay active during social isolation? Walking is by far the crowd favorite, though it gets more interesting once we look into behaviors across our segments. Our Suburban segment is much less likely (6%) than the other two groups to participate in ball sports right now. Meanwhile our Rural segment showed some type of aversion to throwing on their running shoes (seriously, there’s only 1 runner in our Rural group?!). See their tips & tricks on how to stay active during social distancing!

  • Align opportunities. Now that you know what your audience is doing, you can decide what you want to build into your platform’s experience. Deciding what features to build can be difficult, so we wanted to understand what type of features would motivate our audience to stay active during social isolation. While friendly competition (17%) and positive reinforcement (18%) were popular ideas, participants gravitated to the idea of setting goals for themselves because it provides a sense of fulfillment. As one person put it: “Setting goals to achieve ensures you're on a consistent growth path”. Source Link

Staying motivated can be difficult for anyone right now, so we need to be aligned with our customers’ needs and provide them new solutions as we all navigate through these strange times together!

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