With remote work in full swing for many of us, weโ€™re all focused on getting the most out of our current isolated situation. That means staying connected to the needs of your customers, even if you canโ€™t interact with them directly.

Remote testing gives us the opportunity to build connections with our customers in new ways. Hereโ€™s how it fits into our current social situation:

  • Meet your customers half-way. With so many people around the world eager to stay active and be productive from their homes, itโ€™s the right time to get remote feedback from your customers about how theyโ€™re feeling and what they need. Remote surveys and unmoderated testing allows your team and customers to remain comfortable in their homes while communicating about how their needs are changing.

  • Tap into the audience you need. Whether it be working professionals or a consumer segment, you can reach out to hundreds of people at once to make real time decisions for your business. Professionals in different sectors can often be identified by their roles and responsibilities for their company, while consumers can be targeted based on their preferences and everyday behaviors.

  • Learn about new behaviors. As we saw in a recent Broadcast, Tech Professionals are currently struggling with time management at home in the face of new distractions. This speaks to a need for professionals to find new ways of managing their time and structure their agendas. In our participant survey this week, we learned that consumers with access to streaming platforms are fairly comfortable with the recent increase in their streaming habits, and only need to deal with feelings of laziness. Maybe we all just need a new outlook, like this avid streamer: โ€œIโ€™m trying to be positive about the opportunity to catch up on TV!โ€

Much of the world is in the process of changing personal habits and understanding new ways of going about their lives. With remote testing, we can learn from these changing behaviors and be prepared to provide new experiences for a new world!

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