As we continue to settle into our current state of the world, you may have noticed a trend with in-person events transitioning to digital alternatives.

This new trend presents different, and possibly more engaging, opportunities for professionals to take part in networking events. We took the topic to our Tech Professionals audience to see how they feel about the recent rise in digital events:

  • Transition becoming a trend. In the wake of new social regulations in our country, it was crucial for businesses to provide alternatives to the social events that they had scheduled. The majority of professionals in the tech field (80%) have watched this transition happen with events that they are familiar with. As we look into the long term effects of social distancing, digital events will no longer be a transition, they will start to become the norm!

  • Mixed feelings about going digital. Interacting with your favorite companies in new ways may challenge us. With so many big changes in social networking, it’s understandable that there would be some reservations about this digital transition: β€œSeems there is no other option and it saddens me". However, we found that Joy (53%) and Anticipation (43%) are actually two of the most prominent feelings around the rise of digital events, as this professional explained: "The fact that digital experience has made it possible to catch up is exciting".

  • Encouraging engagement. For those looking forward to these new digital events, there will be many opportunities on the table to interact with others in your field. Most of our tech audience (63%) expressed an eagerness to engage online, indicating that digital events may also remove some of the social barriers we construct for ourselves while in person. Some professionals believe they are much more likely to interact in online events, and may see even greater benefits from these interactions than before: β€œIt is cool how people are finding a different way to do things digitally that has never been done before." Source Link

Whether you’re excited for new opportunities or doubtful about the digital transition, we encourage you to hop into the next online event that catches your eye and try it out. You now have full control over your event experience!

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