As we’re starting to get reports of states opening back up, here in California we’ve been asked to continue our shelter in place until the end of May. Unless we’re extended again, we’re about at the halfway point. Through our own Zoom calls with each other, our clients, and customers, we’ve seen an evolution of work from home dress code. We wanted to know, are your #WFH fashion choices ready for the catwalk?

We reached out to our US audience and asked them, who are you wearing?

  • Comfort is king. With most of us still sheltering in place; 64% of people say they’ve allowed their clothing choices to become more relaxed because there’s just not a lot of places we can go. We totally agree, more time in comfortable clothes seems like a great way to spend a day at home.

  • Tees and jeans come out on top. Even though sweats and shorts came up in conversation quite a bit, the ideal #WFH outfit is a classic pair of jeans and a tee.

  • Not dressed to impress. So why has there been a slide in the way we dress? Perhaps this panelist says it best; “I wear baggy, comfortable, oversized clothes that I’d feel embarrassed wearing in public.”. It seems being in the physical presence of others makes us want to put a little more effort into what we’re wearing. With so many of us working from home now, it makes sense that 88% are more relaxed with their dress.

Whether there’s been no change, you’re exploring some new pieces, or you’re business on the top and loungey on the bottom, we’re here for it! Some of our personal favorite Zoom fashion moments have been those who have blanket accessories, wear actual pajamas, and the classic no camera view.

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