We’ve seen A LOT of communication over the last few months from brands regarding Covid-19. It seems everyone has jumped onto the Covid-19 communication bandwagon. We’ve topically covered being sheltered-in-place but haven’t sent an “official statement”; which got us wondering. Did we miss out on something important?

This week we asked our American audience, What do you think of all this brand communication?

  • Now is a good time to communicate. An impressive 75% of our audience feel that brand communication about their Covid-19 changes is important. Our customers are listening, it’s up to us to make it valuable. Some things customers have found valuable have been showing updated hours and service offerings.

  • Actions and words. Many participants expressed feeling closer to brands who went above and beyond by communicating how they’re protecting their employees, customers and community during Covid-19.

  • Empathy to our customers’ situation. These are some hard times. Customers are taking note of the brands who are doing what they can to make life a little easier right now. Services like car insurance companies are being seen in a positive light, except for one mentioned cell phone company. Commercials from popular toilet paper companies are also being seen in a positive way because customers feel heard.

We think the communication from brands is super important. Helio is a great tool to reach people for quick feedback, and running a quick test on your brand's content could mean the difference between an invested customer and a checked out one. That’s what we’re the most excited about. If you’d like to learn more about what we call Advocacy, let us know.

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