We’ve been thinking a lot about all the teams who have been affected by the downsizing, reorgs, and layoffs. We want to help you make your research more valuable. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing how to use research whether you're a researcher or not.

We’re learning how to make findings actionable, to do this we asked our audience of Researchers, Marketers, and Designers about the teams and projects they’re working on.

  • Timing is everything. Learning from customers should fall in line with project goals to maximize the impact of your testing. We learned that 76% of our audience work with other teams on projects. In our projects, we ensure that our testing is inline with what we’re delivering because pushing the project forward and making decisions is the best use of time.

  • Making the case for customer feedback. You may be in a similar situation to the 54% of our audience who don’t have a budget for research, or are unsure what that budget may be. The biggest way to make an impact here is to surface the benefits of learning from you customers to your project leads.

  • Combine powers. The best way to get buy-in is to partner with other teams within your company. Marketing and Sales departments usually get the lion's share when it comes to budgets, and 54% of our audience say they are the most likely teams to work with. Talking to those teams to find out their needs and gaps could be the push your company needs to invest in learning from customers .

We’re very excited to be exploring more of these ideas and share our experiences. There’s a lot of teams out there and many different projects. We believe that teams who can share in the value of learning from customers, will do better by the customer. If you’re feeling a little stuck, we’d love to help!

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