We hope that you enjoyed last week’s topic about creating action within your team. This week we’re diving into how to get closer to our customers by having smaller conversations and asking smaller questions. We’ll then look at the best methods we’ve found to present your ideas to your team.

We turned to our audience of Researchers this week to find out how they get closer to their customers.

Close the gap with your internal team. Having team members and stakeholders invested in your research is super awesome. We learned that over 70% of our researcher audience works pretty closely with other members of their team. The best way to maximize the quality of your questions is to first find out what is important to your team or what they think the customers need. That way you go into your customer conversations with strong hunches that help drive your research.
Qualitative questions with short surveys. By this point our brains are full of questions we’d like to ask our customers. We keep the excitement and interest high with our internal teams by acting fast and creating surveys validating or invalidating some initial hunches we have. We were surprised that many of our researchers would turn to slower methods like in webinars or even powerpoint presentations when conducting initial research. We’re not saying that these methods aren’t valuable, we’re saying these methods take a lot of upfront investment. This is a big reason why we developed Helio, see our horror story here. 😱
Our presentation tips. There're many ways to present findings to your team and, depending on your process, do what works for you. We’ve found presenting findings along the way to be a best practice, especially when working directly with stakeholders. Validating our design decisions as we go and wrapping up all the findings with our final deliverables is a great way to keep your stakeholders invested. A few tools besides Helio that help make that happen are Figma, Notion and Gsuite; we love the collaborative space that tools like these provide.

This is a super fun topic to explore because as we create this new post-pandemic world we’re finding that "Customer-centric growth strategies" will move to "keeping customers happy.". The only way we can do that is by talking to them. To support this we’ve made it easier to talk to your customers. When creating a test, select Open Audience to get a link to share with your customers and your first 50 responses are free!

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