This last week has been extraordinarily emotional for us and honestly it’s hard to focus, you’re probably feeling similar. We think being consistent is important and we love reaching out to you every week to share what we’re learning. We created Helio to learn from people because their unique experiences and points of view are incredibly important to the digital products we create. Talking to customers ensures that we build better products.

One of the hurdles that is sometimes more challenging to leap is what to ask your customers. After going through the process of getting the tools and the support, some of us get a little writer's block when it comes to what to ask.

We’re tapping back into our wonderful audience of researchers to find out how they start asking questions.

  • Volume over perfection. We’ve found that learning from customers requires iteration. It’s rare when crafting questions to ask a customer that we create a “perfect” question. When we are first getting started, we create 50 hunches before we even craft the questions we want to ask. We love this researchers’ process of creating qualifying tests.

  • Find your customers. Probably more important than the questions you’re asking are the people you’re asking. We were surprised that our audience of researchers would utilize more expensive tactics like targeted Facebook ads or time consuming intensive customer research. For this series we’ve been tapping into our audience of researchers to learn their experiences and thoughts. You could imagine that the answers we receive would be far different from our audience of teachers.

  • When in doubt, get feedback. Another set of eyes on any project is always super helpful, we were delighted to learn last week and to be confirmed this week that so many of our research audience has other team members to bounce ideas off of. Finding out if your questions make sense, aren’t leading, and illicit the answers your team is looking for is always better with a teammate.

Creating questions is probably one of our favorite parts of learning from customers. The exciting part is that you don’t have to be a “researcher” to ask your customers a question. Tools like Helio give you the opportunity to connect with your customers and learn what they have to say. Don’t worry about crafting the perfect question, a customer who cares about your product; won’t mind answering your questions. And if you get stuck, we’re happy to help you connect with an audience or craft some questions.

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