We were super excited to launch our newest Custom Likert feature update last week. If you don’t follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter (we’d totally love it if you would), you can read all about the release here. This update is very special because it’s been highly requested by awesome folks like you. So it was easy for us to make the decision to move forward with Custom Likerts. Then we started to think, what if the decision wasn’t so easy to make? How do teams decide which features are the most important?

This was a real noodle scratcher for us, especially since we have a list of features we’d like to move forward with. We’re sure your team is the same. In this landscape of ethical design, positive customer experiences, and business goals, how do you choose? We surveyed design decision-makers to find out how they get the truth to bubble up to the surface.

  • All question types are not created equal. When learning from customers it can be compelling to create a survey full of open response, multiple-choice, or scale questions. All of which will provide your team with answers but present a challenge when seeking trade-offs. In the case of multiple-choice or scale questions, “all” features become very important really quickly because participants aren’t asked to make trade-offs.

  • Making the trade-off to get to truths. Asking customers to make a trade-off between features unearths relative truths for your team really quickly. Knowing what’s most important and least important to customers helps companies know where to invest time, talent, and resources. Many teams already conduct surveys when creating new features.

  • Know your goalposts. We say “relative truth” because we need to know what we’re offering to the customer as options and that those options make sense to our product. This gives us more control than an open response question. That’s where communication with your team becomes a key factor, knowing what’s coming next helps with planning valuable surveys.

We hope we’ve inspired you to think of new ways to learn from your customers. We’re also super excited to announce that in just a few weeks we’ll be releasing our next Helio feature update and be adding a new question type, MaxDiff!

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