We’re beyond excited to share today's Helio feature release. We’ve learned a ton from surveying customers over the last few years, and we found using several questions in our surveys to learn a customer’s preference can waste your time and research budget.

We added MaxDiff to Helio’s toolbox because we want you to get the answers your team needs quickly and maximize your hard-earned budget. We’re eager to share the best ways to MAXIMIZE your MaxDiff questions.

  • Prioritize your time. When learning what’s most important and least important to customers, companies quickly learn where to invest time, talent, and resources. An example of a great Maxdiff question gauging preference of new features may look something like this: “When considering a new surveying tool, which feature is the most important and which is the least important?”. Your dev team will love this information.

  • Measure the value. Marketing and sales teams will love the ability to measure a customer’s perceived value of a product or service. Knowing what your customer finds valuable allows teams to create campaigns that appeal directly to your customer. A question seeking perceived value may look like this: “When making the decision to purchase a new surveying tool, which is the most important and least important factor you need to make a buying decision?”. Sharing the value of your products in a way that makes customers excited will increase your teams’ ROI.

  • Beware of Bias. Communication with your team is a key factor when learning your customers’ preferences. When running these surveys you’ll need to provide the full list of features and not a select few. Not providing a complete list for customers to choose from skews your data and may not be what your customers really want. Remember, making trade-offs are a good thing!

We can’t wait for you to give Maxdiff a try in your next surveys!

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