We’re still buzzing from the excitement of our MaxDiff release last week. If you missed it, check out our breakdown here! We’re really excited that we’re able to keep adding features that help make your work more valuable.

That’s not all we’re buzzing about..., ok we may have had a little too much coffee: (or black tea, Eric): we’ve promised a summer of new features and the next one is right around the corner. We’re currently building out Rank Order Questions and we’d love to hear your thoughts on this feature release!

This week we shared our Ranking concepts with UX researchers to test how they would rank the toppings to a delicious pizza.

  • What are Ranking questions? Simply put, Ranking questions allows folks to rank items on a list to their preference. In our concept, we tested pizza toppings. We began with selecting the first topping, delicious cheese

  • Why Ranking is awesome. We love Ranking because it asks folks to make choices based on their preference of items compared to one another versus selecting answers that are weighed equally or rating them on an individual basis.

  • Our experiment. There’s a lot of options when building a new feature, and we boiled it down to three variations: A, B, and C. To make our final decision with confidence, We tested how folks would interact with each variation when removing an option. We invite you to join in and click on the link down below.

We’re so excited about adding Ranking to Helio in the coming weeks. We really think that adding the ability rank items will take your learning to the next level. Keep telling us what you think about the new features, we love hearing from you. Helio wouldn’t be half as awesome if it weren’t for amazing folks like you!

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