We’re gearing up for our next launch and it’s sure to rank high on our list of favorite questions to join Helio. We’re of course talking about Ranking Questions! To understand how Ranking will fit into our world along with other survey questions, we explored how it compares to our current Rating Questions, such as Likerts & Numerical Scales.

Though Ranking and Rating survey questions may sound like they produce the same results, the difference is in how participants take action to provide you feedback.

  • Rating questions are great for measurement. These questions tend to start with “how much” or “how often”, and ask folks to rate agreement, satisfaction, or frequency. They work best when customers aren’t deciding between things that are viewed as “desirable” because if all the items on your list seem desirable, rating questions may not deliver the answers you’re looking for. We asked our research audience which question type they would use to learn “how often” a customer would perform a task, and Rating was high on the list.

  • Ranking questions are for choosing preference. Asking customers to choose from a list of “desirable” things Ranking questions are an easy way to gain these insights. Ranking asks customers to identify which items are most and least desirable to them. This can be lists of new features, products, or even marketing messaging. Based on when we’ve learned, asking customers to rank new features is pretty important.

  • Rating and Ranking make a great pair. It’s good practice to use survey questions together and build upon the learning. Customers are presented with lots of information and choices when interacting with products. Leading with a ranking question and then following it with a rating question will help solidify their preferences. We tend to string question types together, and we agree that Ranking, Rating, and Multiple Choice complement each other nicely.

We’re very excited because we’re days away from our next Helio update, Ranking! Like MaxDiff, Ranking has been highly requested from our community and we’re pleased to say it will be released on July 27th!

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