Our summer launch-party continues, and this one is high on our list as one of the most anticipated releases to date. We’re talking about Ranking, one of the most valuable ways to learn from customers!

Rank Order questions are great when you’ve already done some initial research and are ready to present specific items or features to customers that need to be prioritized by their preference. We’re eager to share all the awesome features that we hope will make Rank Order questions a favorite of yours too!

  • Custom labels. We know from experience how frustrating it is when you’ve pictured exactly how you’d like to ask a question, only for the survey question not to be customizable. We wanted folks to be in control of their question and made the Rank labels completely open, giving you the flexibility to ask your questions how you want. Of course, we have defaults available for you to get started!

  • Participant friendly. We never want Helio to stand in the way of your participants. When the tools get in the way of the learning, the learning suffers. We’ve made sure that Rank Order questions are intuitively easy to answer.

  • Data at a glance. Rank Order charts are a powerful way to gauge customer preference based on our 100 point system. Viewing customer’s preferences in this Ideal Rank makes it easier for teams to plan upcoming features or campaigns. Rank Order can also be a valuable tool when gathering group opinions for operations or HR teams.

    We’re so excited to bring another way for you to learn from your customers to Helio. We’re sorting out our next release now, hint, hint!

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