Businesses have found the need to change and evolve quickly as we navigate quarantine and the pandemic. In this rapidly changing landscape, it’s important to maintain the trust your brand has already created with your customers. In these times of rapid change, we recommend creating a quick remote survey to ensure improvements made to webpages or service offerings will make the magic happen on the conversion side.

Before committing to huge changes, use what information you already know about your customers and run a few surveys to see how things have changed. This week went to the source and asked banking customers about money and banking in the pandemic world. These are our tips on how to keep your brand in mind when creating company change:

  • Measure changes in your brand impressions. Every brand has core values that can be defined in 4 to 5 words. Once you’ve identified those individual terms (ie. simple, interesting, inviting), you can identify where a customer’s experience will align with your brand values. We recommend using a Multiple choice test to see if those brand-defining terms stand out to your customers.

  • Understand new mindsets. Customers are wary of their financial health and are much more focused on saving when they can. If you can provide something of value for free to your customers. This can help build that brand relationship with your customers, it can also lead to future purchases. For example, Helio has included 50 free Open Audience answers and a conversion spreadsheet to start learning from customers.

  • Compare/Contrast. You already know so much about your customers, now compare old info with your new findings and chart a post-pandemic course for your business. In our example, we learned there has been over a 60% change in peoples’ banking habits to using cash.

With some quick surveys, your new designs may elicit all the impressions that you want from customers, while also surfacing negative feelings that you didn’t even know you should avoid. Test each new design and service offering to ensure they’re aligned with your brand, and start finding how you can elevate the customer’s experience and increase conversion.

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