Our summer launch party has been a ton of fun, we hope you’ve had a chance to try out Max Diff, Ranking and Point Allocation in your surveys. As summer draws to a close we wanted to end on a high note and go out with a big bang! Our last release for the summer is (drum roll please), Card Sort!

Card Sort is a well-established method in product creation. This question type has been highly requested and we’re so excited to bring the tried-and-true method of understanding how people categorize information to Helio! Today we’ll dive into why Card Sort will be a tool you’ll reach for again and again.

  • Three types of Card Sorts. There are different ways to set up a Card Sort question, Open, Closed, and, a Hybrid variation. An Open Card Sort asks people to sort items on a list into categories that they name themselves. Closed Card Sorts asks participants to sort the list of items into pre-named categories. Finally, a Hybrid approach allows for the items to be sorted into pre-named categories and allows participants to create their own categories as well.

  • Invaluable for information architecture. Before the development team pushes one pixel or writes a line of code, a Card Sort test can unearth how the information on your site is expected to be seen from your audience’s perspective. This is extremely valuable for development teams when exploring usability.

  • More concise pages. Asking participants to sort items into categories based on what they would expect to see on certain pages helps development, design, and marketing teams plan out where things should live on your site. For example, if you’re not getting a lot of engagement on your blog page, ask people where they would expect it to be by sorting your existing pages. Maybe it’s hidden.

We’re so excited to bring Card Sort to the table, and just because we’re heading into fall doesn’t mean we’re going to stop building new features! We currently have Prototypes in the works, along with integrating a media library and building stronger audiences to get you even better answers. Stay tuned!

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